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With so many fence styles available at Konkret Line, it can be very easy for our clients to choose the one that best fits their property and needs.
Our fences fall into three categories: SIMPLE LINE, MODERN LINE, TRADITIONAL LINE and IRON LINE.

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Precast Concrete Fences

The experience earned in this field is helping us design and offer high-quality fences to all our customers. Konkret Line offers an updated look to traditional precast concrete fences.

Our panels features clean and crisp layout for Modern Line and duplicate the texture of wood, stones and bricks to create a natural look and feel in Natural Line.

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Benefits of Precast Fencing

A Fortress Against
Wind & Noise

Konkret Line’s precast modular panels are manufactured and assembled to industry standards. The sound reduction of our products ensures that your fence system will act as a fortress-like barrier, protecting your home, business, or neighbors against the intrusions of wind and noise.

Resistance to Elements,
with No Deterioration

Made with steel-reinforced concrete, our products are durable. Konkret Line’s concrete formula is engineered to withstand wind and thermal movements, as well as extreme weather conditions. Unlike conventional materials, concrete products won’t rot, decay, decompose, corrode, or succumb to insects or fire damage.

Unique Design
Strengthened by

Konkret Line design attractive fences panels. Our proprietary molding systems uses precast concrete that mirrors the look of wood, brick, stone, or stucco to create a look so natural, you won’t know it isn’t. Architects, engineers and contractors prefer our combination of strength and aesthetics for all building projects.

Decades of

Our modular precast fencing have decades of longevity. Whether you are building a commercial, residential, utility or municipal project, our precast concrete fences are very low maintenance, will last for decades without losing their beauty or requiring upkeep.

No Periodic

If you build a traditional wood fence today, you’ll be replacing it in as few as six years. If you want a cost-effective building solution, choose lasting Konkret Line’s concrete products that don’t need periodic replacement.


Precast fencing installation time is more efficient, with smaller teams, and no heavy machinery required. Brick or stone walls require more labor and expense compared to precast concrete.

We can add color to our precast concrete fences by two methods:


After fitting, the fence is covered with a colored or transparent lacquer

Painting method has richer palette with more vivid colours, protects the fence by significantly increasing its durability. Also, can be postponed for a few years, as is the expense.


Introduction of oxides
into the concrete recipe

For special orders we can color the fences with variety of colors. The fences colored by pigmentation have a more mat finish and a natural look.

Precast concrete and metal panels

Integrated metal panels (grids) in precast concrete fences are an excellent solution for the requirements of new urbanism rules that impose a partial transparency of street fences. They enhance and diversify without limits the designs for precast concrete fences.

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Safe and Reliable Metal Gates

For a complete service, we offer a range of metallic gates for homes and businesses. You can trust our team to design, build, finish, and install your gates to the exact specifications you need. From small to large sliding driveway gates or security gates for your commercial premises. Assembly is complete in same time with the fence, as an efficient solution for price and durability. Experience years of trouble-free operation when you choose a metal gate from Konkret Line.

Metal gates


Our products are simple to install, and specially designed for ultimate convenience. We manufacture and design our own precast fence panels, posts and metal gates. You will not only be saving now, but you’ll be ensuring that your product will last, making an Konkret Line fence system a wise, long-term investment.

How to install

Delivery and Maintenance

Konkret Line provides FREE delivery to Bucharest and Ilfov county. For the rest of the country or international clients, our own expedition house offers transport at low prices. Konkret Line offers technical support for our precast concrete fences. Repairs and Maintenance Services are just another way to serve our customers. As a full-service provider, we can restore or maintain our fences or metal gates. Konkret Line maintains the highest standards of quality and safety with all of the repairs and products we provide.

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